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Part 1: Write a discussion board post that makes a text-to-world connection betw

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Part 1:
Write a discussion board post that makes a text-to-world connection between an issue that is explored in The Piano Lesson and a current or recent event. In your post, be sure that you do the following:
1. Discuss the issue you see in The Piano Lesson, giving direct textual evidence (quotations and/or paraphrases from the play itself) in some detail. What is the issue? How does Wilson’s play address it? What argument does the play put forward about the issue?
2. Provide a context for the real-world issue you are connecting to the play. That is, tell us what the issue is, give some details about how it’s played out, and provide a link to a reliable source that discusses your issue in greater depth.
Your post should be two hearty paragraphs.
Part 2:
Proposal for Essay #3
Write two (2) paragraphs that identify one of the six nonfiction pieces we’ve read this semester (choose from “Am I Blue?,” “The Story of My Body,” “Burl’s,” “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk To Girls,” “If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?” and “Common Scents”) and identify a topic and a key claim that the piece makes.
Paragraph #1
1. Write out the author’s topic and claim in 1-3 sentences.
For example, you might say that in “Burl’s” one of the topics addressed is sexuality. A key claim that the piece makes about sexuality is: “Childrens’ sexuality is developed over time, through both innate attraction and the opportunities afforded to them to express their gender identity.”
2: After you have identified a key claim, write at least three bullet points that identify evidence from the original text that supports your idea of what the original author is claiming. These can be in the form of quotations, or details about the piece that supports the author’s argument.
Paragraph #2
1. In a second paragraph, discuss your idea for how you would like to modify that claim in your own essay (see your notes from Legacies, pp. 42-49 on the Rogerian form of argument, for what it means to modify a claim). What aspect of the original piece’s claim will you be modifying to make your own claim in your own nonfiction piece? Try to articulate your claim clearly and succinctly to an audience of your peers.
For example, in the case of the claim above from “Burl’s,” you might modify it by arguing: Childrens’ sexuality is not innate, but is learned through exposure to their peers. OR Childrens’ sexuality develops gradually over time, in response to changes in their environment.
2. Finally, write at least three bullet points telling us what types of evidence you will be used to support your claim in the writing of your own piece of creative nonfiction. This evidence will be from your own personal experience and/or your research, depending on which of the six essays you’ve chosen to use as a rhetorical model for your own. For example, if you’re using a piece like “Burl’s” for your rhetorical model, you’ll use personal experience. If you’re using “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls,” you’d use primary research sources. Remember that the piece you’re using for your rhetorical model does NOT have to be the same piece you address in paragraph #1.
Essay #3 Prompt
This essay has TWO parts, both of which will be submitted by the final due date for Essay #3, as one file.
Part 1:
Using your feedback on your rhetorical analysis assignment and your proposal, write an essay of your own that, without explicitly mentioning any of the six nonfiction pieces, responds to a central claim of one of the pieces (Choose from Alice Walker’s “Am I Blue,” Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “The Story of My Body,” Bernard Cooper’s “Burl’s,” “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls” by Andrew Reiner, “If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?” by Geeta Kothari, or “Common Scents” by Lynda Barry).
To effectively respond with an essay of your own, you will need to marshal evidence that supports your point. Your evidence will come from your own personal experience as well as any research you would like to undertake to help prove your thesis.
Write your essay in the rhetorical style and format of one of the six nonfiction pieces you’ve read. You may use your rhetorical analysis of the original piece to help you with this aspect of your essay. You do NOT need to choose the same rhetorical strategy of the nonfiction piece you’re responding to– you could choose the claims from one piece and the rhetorical style of another.
For example: If you choose to respond to a claim in “Am I Blue?” and write your own essay about your own claim that modifies that in Walker’s piece, you might still choose to write your response in the style and format of a graphic memoir (like “Common Scents”).
Part 2:
Write an analysis of your own nonfiction piece (i.e. Part 1), using the terminology and questions from pp. 42-49 in Legacies (section on Arguments about Literature) to describe what form of argument you’re using, as well as how well your essay in Part I responds to the Checklist for Argumentative Writing (p. 47). Be sure to tell your reader how you analyzed the nonfiction piece you’re responding to as well as what conclusions you drew as a result of that analysis (this is work you already did in the first paragraph of your proposal. Don’t forget to reference the rhetorical angle you took in your own essay (did you use pathos, logos, and/or ethos to persuade? How? Your analysis of your own essay as well as the essays you’re responding to should amount to at least 2 typewritten pages, and it should be attached to the end of Part 1.
• 12 points font
• Approx. 5-7 pages, double-spaced (depending on the format you choose)
• One-inch margins
• Give your essay a title that tells us something about the content and draws the interest of the reader
• Clearly label Part I and Part II. In Part II, make a note at the top of the page of which nonfiction piece you’re responding to in terms of your argument as well as which nonfiction piece you’re using as your rhetorical model.
• Works Cited page in MLA style (for the original piece you’re responding to, as well as any additional research you use).
• Numbered pages, starting with page 2 after the cover sheet
A cover sheet that includes your name, name of the course, the title of y•
Extra Note:
Entry #1: Take notes on Chapter 12, pp 1376-1391 in your Legacies textbook.
(Files are too large to upload)

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