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This extra credit optional assignment provides an opportunity to reflect upon yo

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This extra credit optional assignment provides an opportunity to reflect upon your own experience in relation to race, class and gender stratification. You will connect the macro and micro through the connections you make between course material and your own life. Ultimately, you will think through how you think your life at the micro level (your interactions, experiences opportunities and/or self-concept) is influenced by race, class and gender stratification in the society in which you live. You will need to be knowledgeable about these forms of stratification as they are outlined in the course material. You will draw on the textbook to explain the macro level phenomenon that provide the context for your own life. In essence, you will be using the Sociological Imagination to consider your own life in relation to race, class, and gender stratification.
The film, Inequality for All (Lesson 8), illustrates macro level information about stratification depicted in charts and graphs to the micro level through depictions of individual people’s lives. In the social stratification reflection paper, you will be doing something similar. Instead of using the film, however, you’ll be drawing on the textbook for your macro level information. What you draw from the textbook depends on how you see your life fitting into the broad based system of stratification. For example, when you are thinking about class stratification, you may relate to the functionalist approach and/or intragenerational mobility as you reflect upon your educational pursuits. Or, you may experience challenges based on economic position such as the cost of college which align with poverty, structural mobility and/or conflict theory. For each textbook chapter (race, class, and gender), you will provide a macro level description of stratification and link it explicitly to your life. Your paper will have approximately one page on class stratification, one page on race stratification and one page on gender stratification. You will also need to define social stratification using lecture notes and make sure that your analysis is tied to it. As always, presume I know nothing so you will need to make the links explicit. The paper will be approximately 4 pages in length.
In your paper, 1) Provide a sociological definition of social stratification using course lecture material (see Lesson 8), 2) provide an outline of race, class, and gender stratification at the macro level from the textbook material that you think relates to your experience and 3) provide specific examples of the way race, class, and gender stratification in your life. In other words, link the macro-level description social stratification using the textbook to your own micro-level experiences specifically. Keep in mind that if you are privileged by a form of stratification, you may not notice it (privilege tends to be invisible to those who have it). That is, it’s much easier to notice race if you’ve experienced racial discrimination than if you haven’t. If you haven’t been followed around in stores or stopped by the police or presumed to be “slow” by teachers on the basis of your skin tone, you may be privileged by race, for example. If the cost of college is of no concern to you than you are more likely to be privileged by class in comparison with someone denied opportunities to go to particular schools because they could not afford to. Imagine what a difference college makes if you are forced to work full-time to pay for classes? If men are more likely to be promoted, how might that impact your future career? In this assignment, I am assessing your ability to connect your own life to what you’ve learned in the textbook about race, class, and gender stratification at the macro level. Stratification is all about inequality so that is what your paper should be focused on exploring.

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