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As our healthcare system continues to evolve and technologies grow at an exponen

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As our healthcare system continues to evolve and technologies grow at an exponential rate, the impacts are not just felt at the individual, local, or even national level. Develop a creative way to show how a particular healthcare advance (See below for topic) has a global impact (whether positive or negative). Project could be an infographic, PowerPoint slide, photo collage with captions, poem, or another creative method. Reference page including at least four references (with at least two being original peer-reviewed articles) must be included
Your project must include:
*a description of the topic,
*its application and affected population,
*the impact of the advance, costs, and barriers.
Topic chosen: Cellular therapy and regenerative medicine
**Cellular therapy is a biological product, derived from living cells, used for therapeutic purposes to replace or repair damaged cells or tissues. Regenerative medicine has the power to restore diseased or injured tissues and organs, potentially decreasing reliance on transplantation.
EXAMPLE: CAR T-cell therapy and the treatment of solid tumors
**Today, treatment is based primarily on unspecific radiotherapy and chemotherapeutic agents, plus surgical interventions. In many cases, these approaches are ineffective. CAR T-cell therapy reprograms a patient’s T-cells (immune-system cells) to target tumor cells. When infused into the patient, the T-cells bind to an antigen on tumor cells, attacking and destroying them.

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