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Answer the following questions completely. Details are important, as is clarity

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Answer the following questions completely. Details are important, as is clarity of expression. Images from your text or the internet are required for all. One page each question
The transport of internal fluids and cells is common in many animal groups. What is an open circulatory system and provide an example? What is a closed circulatory system and provide an example? What is the composition of human blood plasma? What is the structure and function of erythrocytes? What is the function of the agranular leucocytes and provide an example? What is the function of the granular leucocytes and provide two examples? Why are plasma cells important to a robust immune response? Why are memory B and T cells important to an effective and long-term immune response? What are vaccines and why are they so important for human health?
III. Why do we breathe? Explain at a cellular level. Describe the various structures used by animals to increase the surface area for diffusion. What are the two main respiratory pigments, how are they different, and provide an example of an animal group that uses each pigment? Explain the principle of countercurrent flow and explain how fishes and birds have adapted this technique to enhance the uptake of oxygen from the environment.
Pre-Covid you were at the fitness center of Maxcy Hall, spending a lot of time sweating without going anywhere (= treadmill). You were very bored, so your mind wanders to your biology class and what is happening within your skeletal muscle tissue. Describe the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction including the role of all the characters (e.g. actin, myosin, troponin-tropomyosin complex, Ca+, ATP, etc.). Include a stepwise construction of a skeletal muscle from protein filaments to whole muscle, including connective tissues. Diagrams required!

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