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The purpose of this paper is for you to select a concept of interpersonal commun

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The purpose of this paper is for you to select a concept of interpersonal communication for individual in‑depth analysis and investigation.  Since you will be spending a considerable amount of time and effort on this paper, you will want to choose a topic which intrigues you on some personal level. 
Question (Topic of choice):
How can partners repair trust after it has been broken?” and/or “How do different ways of broken trusts  affect a relationship?” Meaning, based on what type of trust is broken how would it affect  the relationship. Examples: how would cheating affect the relationship, how would lying affect the relationship, how would spreading personal topics to others affect a relationship, etc.
Select a concept of interpersonal communication and examine the many ways in which this aspect of communication might effect relationships. (Refer to the question/topic above).For example, you might take the topic of self‑disclosure.  You would go out and research what several authors have written on that subject.  You would then most likely begin your paper with a clearly defined descriptive analysis of the concept of self‑disclosure, going on to describe the effects ‑both good and bad ‑ it might have on relationships.  The paper could conclude with your own analysis of the best ways to handle the problems and maximize the benefits associated with self‑disclosure, or it should present a new way of looking at self‑disclosure altogether.
Expectations for this paper are approximately 8 pages of scholarly work:
* Paper must be typed: double spaced, one inch margins, 12+ font, submitted as a word file.
* Paper must contain references to outside courses, cited properly both in-text and in a works cited. Approximately 5-10 sources would be considered adequate. Failure to consult outside sources is a violation of the assignment. Failure to cite sources correctly is a violation of the code of academic conduct called PLAGIARISM*.
* Adherence to the forms of standard written English is expected.

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